Monday, January 17, 2011


Britain’s railway stations are bound to undergo and see a lot of progress in the coming times. Keeping in tandem with the super advanced age that we live in right now, that is the 21st century. Different type of work is going to take place on the stations. Right from increasing the capacity of the stations to refurbishment work, all needs to be done. There are stations which have seen a lot of wear and tear with age. There are stations which haven’t seen inside out renovations for decades now. Then there is the issue to take care of the ever increasing number of people using the trains today. The ‘Access for All’ scheme as presented by Network Rail is doing well with its innovative ideas. These among others also include the installation of lifts and footbridges.

Then there is the work to be done as far as installation of surface-mounted tactile paving I concerned. Visual Systems is among the companies that has retrofitted many platforms in the country. This is especially on both London Underground as well as the national rail network.
The company is from Washington and is extensively working on the railway stations as of now in London and other areas of the country. It is also concentrating on the treads on steps and staircases. The company has in turn also come up with bespoke anti-slip treads that are advanced and a much better option when compared with concrete steps. These innovative stair treads are also in accordance with the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act 1994) requirements.

When it comes to Step nosing, there are many products that Visual Systems offers. All designed to be retrofitted and will provide with safe and secured nosing in the end. These are Carbigrip – extremely hard wearing anti-slip surface nosings and treads. The nosigs are made from aluminium alloy. They offer brilliant durability and may as well see their application for both internal and external applications. The aluminium nosing are also aesthetically pleasing. Visul Systems, in the mean while the company also gives supply-and-fit solution. This is offered by its sister company USL StructureCare that has been in the area of civil engineering and construction industries for the past twenty five years.


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