Monday, January 17, 2011


The wastewater lagoons definitely resulted in a lot of issues considering they had not been cleaned for long. The sludge would thus be taken care of and the cleaning work has already begun. TWS Inc. is responsible for the cleaning of the mud and work area has already started with the company moving its equipment. They have begun their work of draining the first of four wastewater cells. For the same they have also received a Community Development Block Grant. This was this passed and given out buy the Cherokee National Health Service and the Rural Economic Action Program.

At $216,000, the grant does come pretty hefty. But then they will make sure that every penny is pout into optimum utilization. TWS Inc. of Lebo, Kan was the lowest bidder for the contract when the bidding session was on and thus they won the contract for the cleaning task of the sledge in the city. Horace Lindley, reflected how this isn’t quite an easy task and requires utmost professionalism, dedication and experience on part of the team that would go ahead with the work. Lindley is the Town and Public Works Administrator for Gore City.

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He accordingly felt that TWS is an apt company to deal with the issue of the dirt. The complicated procedure of cleaning the sledge will take as many as three months and ought to be done very meticulously at that.

The lagoon system began in the early 1960s. For once, it has been decades since the sludge had been cleaned out. The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality thoroughly checks the water and sledge coming from the lagoons. After the work is complete the lagoons may just as well be in good and clean condition.

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