Monday, January 17, 2011


Gas turbine efficiency has sold assets from its owned aviation engine wash services. The Company was looking out for a prospective suitor for some time now. Eventually it met one in the form of Pratt and Whitney. Pratt and Whitney is US aircraft engine maker. The company got the cleaning service assets from Gas turbine efficiency for as much as $ 17.1 million. This will thus see the company shares going up by as much as thirty one percent. Gas Turbine also stated that this would in turn help it continue with its absolute focus kept on the on gas turbines that would be in the power generation and oil gas sector. Pratt and Whitney in the mean while is looking at boosting its own revenue with getting these assets. The company is an undertaking of the united technology Corp.

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Gas Turbine in the mean while has been looking out for a suitor for some time now. In fact it was only in the year 2010 that it also was looking forward to a major suitor. This one was looking at buying out major shares in the company. This was only in the month of October last year. As for gas Turbine, its core product is cleaning services for gas turbines. It would accordingly look at getting better here and spreading its wings. The company is also looking at getting sales worth as much as about 5.7 million dollars.

This would indeed be coming in from the aviation engine ash service business for fiscal 2010. This apart from the month of January to September, Gas Turbine is also looking at sales worth twenty five million dollars. The company was looking a net loss worth 3.2 million. This apart as far as the overall year sales are concerned, Gas Turbine is aiming at getting it worth as much as forty million dollars which would thus be additionally boosted by its energy services segment.

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