Thursday, January 6, 2011


UK’s Automobile Association (AA), among the more popular insurance provider, recently stated of the large number of people seeking cover. Most of the insured Scottish people are coming in claiming for their car breakdown insurance cover. The number is in fact as high as ever, fifty one percent. Although there are no surprises as to why this alarming number of people coming in with some or the other kind of trouble in regards their vehicles. Heavy snow has been the main culprit here. In fact, it has been a very bad winter this year in a long, long time.

The agency AA had already anticipated, considering the harsh and cold weather, that most people would come in with mechanical issues in their vehicles. Benefits and packages were provided by the AA agency. AA for once had a difficult time in dealing with such high number of people coming in claiming their insurance claims. Director Simon Douglas in the mean while also talks about how things could be greatly avoided if people become a bit more aware and alert before venturing out in the snow in their vehicles.

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The chances of a collision while travelling on an icy road is always bound to be great, greater still in the winter season. Even people, who have fitted winter tyres to their bikes and cars, tend to get into an unfortunate accident. For once, going for the local police which continuously gives updates on the weather, is a good thing. These accidents are occurring in great frequency not just in Scotland but also the other parts of United Kingdom for that matter.


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